Tahquamenon Falls Brewery – Paradise, MI

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Smoked Fish Dip – Tahquamenon Falls Brewery – Paradise, MI

The quickie review: “the foods good, the beer could be better!” 
Brew Pub Cheese Soup

It ended up being a rainy day so why not kill some time and grab a bite at the local brewery. Tahquamenon Falls Brewery offers a lengthy menu of safe family friendly food that will surely suffice the upper Michigander traveler.  We started with The Smoked Fish Dip and Brewpub Cheese Soup. The dip was fresh and really hit the spot, the crackers could use an upgrade considering it was $9 bux but whatever. The cheese soup was also quite delicious with generous chunks of ham and aged Wisconsin cheddar.

Parched and satisfied in the moment, it was time to order another pint (and a shot) and space out at all the furs and trophy animals hanging from the walls. The atmosphere breathes northern Michigan rustic cabin in the woods and it makes you feel right at home if you’re into that kind of thing.  Now being this place is a microbrewery and one of the first in Michigan I might add. You’d think the beer would be omg amazing. Eeeeeh not so much.  As a previous reviewer noted “maybe they can’t get any hipster brewmasters to live this far north.”  With all fairness the beers were tasty but weak in ABV, which was not posted or known in fact when I asked the server.  I mean after four pints you might need a water but if your already drinking water then whats the point…. right?

Tahquamenon Falls Brewery – Paradise, MI

Maybe it was the subconscious messages being sent down from the big game animals above but I was feeling Buffalo Burger with Bacon and extra cheese and a side of crispy fries.   Once again, really pleased with the spread, the burger was made medium rare as requested and moojuicy™ or whatever sound bisons sound like..

Its been along time since I had bison so it was a nice treat.  I sure hope it was bison since it said locally raised but technically according to the interwebs buffalos are only found in Africa and Asia while bison are only found in North America.   How about that you learn something new everyday.

All in all for a rained out crap day in the woods, TFB made some happy campers.

I look forward to a future visit!

Buffalo Burger – Tahquamenon Falls Brewery – Paradise, MI
Photo by A.C. Kuderik
Crispy Fries – Tahquamenon Falls Brewery – Paradise, MI
Photo by A.C. Kuderik
Tahquamenon Falls Brewery – Paradise, MI
Tahquamenon Falls Brewery – Paradise, MI

Tahquamenon Falls Brewery & Pub
M 123, Paradise, MI 49768

Phone:(906) 492-3300 | tahquamenonfallsbrewery.com

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